MystiKit in 1 minute

There are over a half-a-million craft and DIY projects being promoted on social media sites like Pinterest.

A typical published DIY project includes instructions on how to implement the project along with a list of supplies needed. However, in many cases there are issues for the DIYers who want to implement the project themselves – the list of supplies is often not detailed, may require multiple trips to one or more stores in the course of doing a project and quantities for materials must be converted into correct amounts for project needs.

MystiKit portal enables the capability to order all of the materials and tools a DIYer needs to complete a project in one place, using a single click, while eliminating the need to guess the right quantities required or searching multiple vendor sites to find the right products.  DIYers can simply click a “Buy MystiKit” button located in proximity to a project posting and an order for a complete kit of supplies is placed.  MystiKits are fully customizable to allow items already in possession to be removed and to allow for the selection of products alternatives to customize for taste or need.

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